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Last Minutes

The prices for last-minute travel are generally reduced approximately three weeks prior to the departure date. The prices often change daily and can even fluctuate even throughout the day.

There are times during the year (i.e. March Break and New Years) that present travelers with less of an opportunity for last minute savings due to an increase in demand. For these time periods there is less likely a chance for last minute travel deals however Early Booking Bonuses are usually offered far in advanced, reducing the cost of travel. For other periods, the price will decrease the closer you get to the departure day depending on availability. If the availability is limited then there will be less of a choice between vacation packages and possibly an increase in price.

The optimal time for booking a last minute deal is typically two weeks to ten days prior to the departure date. This offers the best balance between price and desired destination for the travel package. There are no set rules or guarantees when it comes to last minute deals for vacation packages. The prices for the products offered by tour operators are subject to supply and demand and will be changed according to the current state of the travel market.